lindsay lohan twitter hacked Lindsay Lohan and boyfriend Avi Snow break upThe latest development in As Lindsay Lohan Turns: She and her boyfriend of not very long standing, musician Avi Snow, have broken up.

So says E! News, which has multiple sources saying Lohan and Snow, a member of the indie-rock band City of the Sun, are done after dating for just a few weeks. None of those sources, however, can offer much detail on why they split.

Lohan, meanwhile, continues to pack a whole bunch of activity in before beginning a court-mandated rehab stay … sometime. She returned from a business/nightclubbing trip to Brazil a few days ago and is scheduled to be a guest on “The Late Show with David Letterman” on Tuesday (April 9). She’s also planning to attend the Coachella music festival next weekend, and then maybe she’ll report for treatment.

Lohan also has a role in “Scary Movie V,” which opens Friday.

Posted by:Rick Porter