lindsay lohan victoria gotti Lindsay Lohan back in for 'Gotti' role. That was quick.Just a matter of hours after “Gotti: Three Generations” executive producer Marc Fiore announced that Lindsay Lohan was out of talks for a role, she’s back in. Not only that, she’s confirmed for a two picture deal.

]]>tells People. “She not only is back in the movie, but she single-handedly put it all together… She called me personally and put her team on it and we came to an agreement.” The 24-year-old actress reportedly played a “real leadership role” in the negotiations and though she was originally being considered for the part of Victoria Gotti (pictured above), she will now play Kim, the wife of John Gotti Jr. In addition to the “Gotti” flick, Fiore confirms that Lohan is now committed to his other mafia movie, “Mob Street.” In it, she will play the wife of lead character Bobby Bataglia. Way to be proactive, Li-Lo. We would like to take this opportunity to offer a heartfelt “You go, Glenn Coco!”

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci