bret michaels wireimage Lindsay Lohan can't quit shopping habit; Bret Michaels to undergo heart surgeryHungry for some dish? Snack on these tasty tidbits.

Lindsay Lohan is ready for court tomorrow. No, she hasn’t prepared with her lawyers, but she did go shopping, which caused such a ruckus that the LAPD had to be called. [TMZ]

]]>Bret Michaels, star of “Rock Of Love“, will undergo heart surgery Thursday (Sept. 24) to repair a heart defect he has had since birth, but just recently discovered. Michaels is currently working on his autobiography, an autobiography, “Roses & Thorns: The Reality of My Rock & Roll Fantasy,” set to come out in March. [Star Magazine]

Jersey Shore“‘s Snooki has reportedly been offered $100,000 by a company called FleshDrive, who want the pint-size, big-haired reality star to endorse their product, a USB drive pre-loaded with adult content. [Radar Online]

Oh, the irony. While Katy Perry was deemed too racy for “Sesame Street,” the children’s program is spoofing “True Blood.” Yes, the vampire show that’s all about sex and violence isn’t too racy for Elmo. [Jezebel]

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