lindsay lohan jail time gi Lindsay Lohan could head to jail because locked rehab center doesn't exist   report

Lindsay Lohan might be heading to jail after all.

TMZ reports that the lockdown rehab center Lohan promised to go to in her plea deal doesn’t exist, meaning that Lohan might have to face her initial 90-day jail sentence in prison. As the site states, there are no private New York rehabilitation centers that keep people in against their will with the exception of one that requires a felony record for admittance. The same goes for California.

According to TMZ, prosecutors are now reevaluating Lohan’s plea deal. The option of sending her to jail for 90 days is “still on the table,” the site reports.

The deal Lohan cut with the court stated that she will spend 90 days in a locked rehab facility in addition to 30 days of community labor and 18 months of psychotherapy. If she doesn’t abide by all laws during this time, she could have to spend 180 days in prison.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz