lindsay lohan rumor Lindsay Lohan facing house arrest instead of jail or rehabLindsay Lohan faces significant jail time for violating her probation and for lying to police officers — but it looks like the justice system is willing to cut her yet another break. While the judge initially offered Lohan a lock-down rehab situation, where she would not be permitted to leave rehab until completing treatment, she resisted.

Now, TMZ reports that Lohan is being offered a deal which would sentence her to 90 days of house arrest instead of rehab or jail. Lohan is a house arrest veteran — she wore an ankle monitor for 35 days in the summer of 2011 because of overcrowding in Los Angeles jails.

However, it appears Lohan isn’t interested in the house arrest this time around. Sources insist that she won’t settle for any house arrest, and the case will likely go to trial on March 18. If she is convicted of violating her probation and lying to police officers, Lohan will likely serve jail time.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie