lindsay lohan 5 pounds Lindsay Lohan gains 5 pounds after losing access to Adderall

Lindsay Lohan has been cut off from Adderall, and she reportedly is already feeling the effects. According to sources, Lohan has gained five pounds after parting ways with the drug and apparently can’t stop eating.

Radar Online reports that Lohan hass been “extremely emotional this past week and is finding comfort in food. Lindsay can’t stop eating, and has gained five pounds because she has such poor eating habits. She has been exercising, but she just doesn’t have a lot of energy because she is no longer taking Adderall, which is a psychostimulant medication that contains amphetamine. She has been talking to a nutritionist at Betty Ford about eating healthier.”

Lohan says she’s been taking Adderall for her Attention Deficit Disorder since she was 15. If taken over such an extended period of time, Adderall tends to become addictive, which is likely why Lohan is feeling a kickback from having to stop taking it. Adderall also tends to kill the appetite, which explains Lohan’s sudden and voracious hunger. It doesn’t help that food at the Betty Ford Clinic is said to be delicious, so it’s not like Lohan is being forced to eat unappetizing meals.

In the past Lohan has said that she didn’t take Adderall to stay slim, so it’s unclear if she’s unhappy with her recent weight gain. If five pounds is all it takes for Lohan to be able to kick her Adderall habit, she should consider herself lucky. Once she finds balance in her life again, five pounds should be pretty easy for her to take off.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz