lindsay lohan court nov 2 Lindsay Lohan heading back to jail, slammed with 53 days at the morgueLindsay Lohan is headed back to jail. On Wednesday morning she returned to the court and waived her right to a hearing, admitting that she violated probation. The judge handed her 300 days of jail time — but with a pretty major condition.

The judge imposed a sentence she referred to as “putting the keys to the jail in [Lindsay’s] hands.” She will serve 30 days in jail (which will likely be more like 6 days) beginning, at the latest, on Nov. 9.

When that’s finished, she has until Dec. 14 to complete 12 days of work at the morgue and 4 psychotherapy sessions. If that goes well, she’ll have until January 17 to do 12 more days, and 4 more sessions, and another 12 days and 4 sessions before February 15. Her final court appearance will be March 29, and if she’s finished another 17 morgue days and 6 sessions, she’ll officially be off the hook.

If at any point during the next five months she violates her probation, doesn’t show up for scheduled appearances, or can’t complete the community service in time for her court appearances, Lindsay will return to jail for the remaining 270 days.

Oh. She’s also not allowed to tweet about the morgue. Apparently, they weren’t pleased with her tweet about the “stress and pressure” of missing her appointment at the Coroner’s office.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie