lindsay lohan still drinking rehab gi Lindsay Lohan is still drinking on the weekend before rehab

She may be heading to rehab within days, but Lindsay Lohan is still clubbing and drinking through the weekend between her trial and her court-ordered treatment.

According to, Lohan spent Saturday (March 23) night at a club in Santa Monica, CA. The main reason for the outing seems to have been the band, City of the Sun. This would be the same band LiLo saw in New York last week — causing her to miss her flight to Los Angeles for court — and whose guitarist, Avi Snow, is rumored to be Lohan’s new boyfriend.

As for the drinking, pictures show Lohan drinking out of a water bottle. On the other hand, reports from Friday (March 22) evening indicate that the troubled actress spent all night drinking vodka served in water carafes at another club in San Diego.

Lohan is required to complete 90 days of mandatory rehab as part of the sentence given at her court hearing last week. It is not yet certain where she will go for the therapy or when it will begin. Judging from the weekend, however, she might want to start sooner rather than later.

Posted by:Laurel Brown