lindsay lohan dina lohan 911 domestic violence incident Lindsay Lohan: No family counseling after parents have huge fightLindsay Lohan and her parents were scheduled to have a family counseling session at the Betty Ford Center this weekend. Until, that is, both her mom and dad bailed following a massive fight.

Michael and Dina Lohan‘s blowup occurred while they were taping a segment for “The Test,” a syndicated talk show set to launch in the fall. The show uses lie detector and DNA testing to help people solve disputes over paternity and other issues. Dina Lohan reportedly refused to take a polygraph test, and both of Lindsay’s parents flew off the handle when the subject of cheating came up.

“I didn’t want a confrontation with Dina while Lindsay is in rehab,” Michael Lohan tells Radar. “I’ve decided to go home and see my baby.”

What the now canceled family session means for Lohan’s progress at Betty Ford is unclear. She is about a month into a court-ordered 90-day course of treatment.

Posted by:Rick Porter