lindsay lohan sued gi Lindsay Lohan sued for $5M over 'drug addled image'

Though she may be locked away, safe and sound in rehab, Lindsay Lohan’s legal problems are nowhere near over. In fact, her troubles seem to be on the rise with a new lawsuit filed by a clothing company that produced her line of leggings  Lohan first filed suit against the company in January.
She claims the company kept selling the leggings, even after the licensing deal was revoked. Her suit estimated damages of over $1 million had been suffered.
The company, DNAM, is now countersuing Lindsay, claiming a breach of contract. According to E! News, the company had some success with the leggings line, however buyers began to pull out “because they did not want to be associated with Lohan’s drug addled image.” The complaint says that customers began canceling orders in 2011, and Lindsay couldn’t endorse the line as she was in rehab at the time.
They’re asking for $5 million in damages, claiming that Lindsay’s image devalued the brand. Her partner in the clothing line, Kristi Kaylor, disagrees with that opinion. “The DNAM countersuit against 6126 is frivolous and misrepresents the facts,” she says in a statement, “DNAM knows that it is in breach of the 6126 licensee agreement, and this suit is clearly nothing more than a transparent defense maneuver. Lindsay and I worked for over three years to build the 6126 brand and ensure its success; DNAM is merely trying to get out of honoring its financial obligations.”

Lindsay reportedly began her 90 day visit to the Betty Ford Center on May 2.

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