Lindsay Lohan wants out of Betty Ford over Adderall, could go to jail if she leavesOh, Lindsay Lohan. When will you ever learn?

The troubled tabloid fixture has only been at The Betty Ford Center for a week, but she’s already fixing to find a way out. TMZ reports that doctors at the facility evaluated Lohan and decided that she does not need her Adderall pills, despite her claims that she suffers from ADHD.

The website says that Betty Ford’s doctors almost never allow anyone over the age of 15 to use Adderall because of the highly addictive qualities of the drug. It doesn’t help that the drug is widely known as a weight-control drug amongst many people, especially those in Hollywood.

TMZ says Lohan is telling friends that she can’t remain at the clinic and wants to be moved to another that will allow her to continue to use the drug. However, Radar Online reports that it’s very likely that Judge James Dabney, who ordered Lohan to remain on the premises for the duration of her stay, will send her to jail, should she leave.

Posted by:Billy Nilles