Lindsaylohan_justmyluck_240 Lindsay Lohan isn’t too heartbroken to poke fun at herself in an eHarmony profile parody on

“I’m recently single, I think … and I’m looking for someone to spend the rest of my life with — or at least the rest of my probation with,” says LiLo in the ad.

She also lists her attributes, including that she “single-handedly kept 90 percent of all gossip websites in business,” claims she’s seeking a person “who doesn’t have relatives quick to issue restraining orders” and straight up admits she has a screw loose.

Check out the profile yourself:

Here’s the thing: Lindsay’s video is actually funny, unlike let’s say Zac Efron’s recent pool party video that relied on cameo appearances and wacky activity.

It’s a shame really. We think that Lohan has always been pretty darn talented in the acting, especially comedic acting, department. It’s too bad that she’s a (self-confessed) crazy person. Also, this self-deprecating humor just makes us mourn for her lost potential more.

Your thoughts? Can LiLo make a comeback?


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Posted by:Hanh Nguyen