tvpartyw815.jpgSports are never purer than when played by kids. And nothing epitomizes kids sports more than the Little League World Series, airing through Aug. 29 on ESPN, ESPN2 and ABC. The crack of the bat, the roar of the crowd and the occasional Taiwanese 24-year-old pretending to be 13 are all a part of the magic. And with all the games played in beautiful Williamsport, Pa., you can bet it’ll be like Field of Dreams, but with more bed-wetting. So if you love baseball in its purest form – albeit on a four-fifths scale – call your friends; we’re throwing a Little League World Series party!

Setting the scene:
The two words you need to hyperfocus on for this party are “little” and “baseball.” So while it would be very easy to throw a party based on everything conceivable from Major League Baseball’s online store, the trick today is to make that stuff small. So with your big-screen TV acting as the outfield wall, design a baseball field in your living room. That’ll require several square yards of artificial turf, line chalk, home plate and bases, 9-foot bleachers, an adjustable score stand and some obnoxious parents sitting in the stands. Have a whiffle ball and bat at the ready for any impromptu game. You’ll also need a sign at the entrance specifying the following prohibited items at the games: alcohol, large tarps, large coolers, glass containers, pets, solicitation, fireworks, laser pointers, knives and weapons of any kind. Dress a few local kids in regulation umpire apparel – including masks and chest protectors – and have them greet guests at the door. Party favors can include personalized miniature baseballs, bats, baby-sized baseball gloves, baseball cards or the BamVino bronze batter wine holder.

Suggest guests come dressed in baseball uniforms two sizes too small.

On the menu:
Minisliders, cocktail wieners, bags of peanuts, Cracker Jack, sushi, Cuban sandwiches, root beer, chocolate baseballs and Big League Chew shredded bubble gum.

On the hi-fi:
Take Me Out to the Ball Game by Jack Norworth, Who’s on First? by Abbott and Costello, Centerfield by John Fogerty, Talkin’ Baseball by Terry Cashman, The Boys of Summer by Don Henley, Cheap Seats by Alabama or anything else on Baseball’s Greatest Hits.

The showstopper:
Even though your living room probably looks lovely right now, it still doesn’t compare to the splendor of Williamsport, nestled in the beautiful Susquehanna River valley in central Pennsylvania – where the series is being played as you read this. Tickets to the Little League World Series games are always free, and there is always plenty of seating on the famous hill overlooking the field. Get in your car now!

Posted by:Michael Korb