robert taylor longmire gallery 550 ae 'Longmire' Season 2 finale: Who really killed Walt's wife?When we last left “Longmire,” his daughter and his work family, Cady was recovering from her car accident, Vic was having trouble with Ed Gorski and Walt’s wife’s murderer’s murder was still hanging over Walt and Henry’s heads.

In the season finale, Det. Fales is back from Denver, serving search warrants all over Absaroka County — he has a meth head witness who identifies Walt as the “cowboy” who came in to beat Miller up. As Walt and Henry start to figure out what they’re going to do, it turns out Henry thought all this time that Hector did it, but Hector just beat Miller up and took his teeth. So, who killed Miller?

Walt thinks it’s someone who paid Miller $700 to stab Walt’s wife because Miller claims to have taken $700 off her in the mugging, but she never carried that much money.

But Henry kept Miller’s teeth from the beating he sustained via Hector and now Henry is being arrested for Miller’s murder.

Meanwhile, Hector beat Ed Gorski to a pulp (after Vic hired him to do so) and Gorski is going to press charges, thinking it was Walt. Vic tries to bargain her livelihood, saying she’ll confess to the beating, but Gorski disappears from the hospital instead and leaves her a chilling note that reads, “See you soon.”

And finally, Branch is investigating David Ridges’ slashing of Cady’s tire on election day. Turns out Ridges killed himself and Jacob Nighthorse burned the body, which all smacks of Nighthorse trying to cover up his dirty dealings. So when Branch heads to the rez to get DNA samples from the burned body, somebody (Nighthorse?) shoots him twice. Walt rushes in at the end to save him.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • Who killed Walt’s wife and Miller? Do you have any guesses who hates him enough to have it done? Would Branch’s father go that far? What about Jacob Nighthorse?
  • Is Gorski going to come bursting through Vic’s doorway? We would wager that instead, Gorski’s going to go after her husband. Not only is that a dramatic turn of events, but it paves the way for a Walt/Vic thing, which the show brought to the forefront last week with Lizzie’s confrontation.
  • We don’t think you should worry too much about Branch. If “Longmire” is renewed, we suspect he’ll be alright.
  • We’re much more worried about Henry — will he spend Season 3 on trial?
  • Also, obviously all along Henry has thought Hector killed Miller. But this seemed like news to Walt, so did Walt think Henry did it all along?

What did you think of the “Longmire” season finale?

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