Everyone has a lot to figure out in the next episode of “Longmire.” Watch this video preview from “Natural Order.”

In the episode, the murder of a game warden features at the center of the story. The warden is found next to the body of a poached elk. Walt (Robert Taylor) finds out that there is a connection between the deaths and a rare and expensive supplement. Meanwhile, Branch (Bailey Chase) closes in on the truth about Cady’s (Cassidy Freeman) accident as she wakes up.

As the above video shows, there are other things for the characters to worry about too. Now that Branch has lost his bid to become sheriff, he needs to figure out if he wants to continue to work with Walt. Branch knows he may not even have a choice. Fortunately, Henry (Lou Diamond Phillips) has a lifetime of advice to offer in this arena.

What decision will Branch make? Will Walt be able to forgive him?

The “Natural Order” episode of “Longmire” airs Monday, Aug. 12 at 10pm on A&E.

Posted by:Laurel Brown