katee sackhoff longmire season 2 'Longmire's Katee Sackhoff on Season 2: Vic and Walt 'would actually be really good together'“Longmire,” A&E’s cop drama set in the rolling hills of Wyoming, returns for its second season Monday (May 27). Star Katee Sackhoff, who plays Sheriff Walt Longmire’s deputy Victoria “Vic” Moretti, tells Zap2it that the viewers won’t have to wait too long for their questions to be answered.

“[Season 2] picked up pretty much right where Season 1 left off. All those questions from last year, most of them will get answered,” says Sackhoff. “[Longmire’s wife’s murder] is a major plotline, the debate is a major plotline. I don’t know necessarily if it’ll all come to a head and we’ll figure it out, but there will definitely be some payoff.”

Part of the investigation into Longmire’s wife’s murderer being found in a shallow grave means the return of Charles S. Dutton as the detective on the case.

“I don’t have many scenes with him,” says Sackhoff, “But he’s pretty amazing.”

In addition to that mystery continuing in Season 2, there is also the small matter of Vic’s relationship with Walt, after her face-to-face with Lizzie in the Season 1 finale.

“Vic is jealous [of Lizzie], but she forced [Walt] into it. She put him in that
situation purposefully because when someone’s taken, they’re not
available anymore. She really wanted him to be in that relationship,” says Sackhoff.

“I think that Lizzie has this lightness that Vic would never be able to have. Vic is more of a pessimist,” Sackhoff continues. “She’s having problems at home with her husband. Walt represents something that she doesn’t have in her life. I think she may be kind of using the way she feels about him to distract her from what’s going on at home.”

So, we have to ask — does Sackhoff think Walt and Vic could or should get together?

“I actually do. I think they would actually be really good together,” Sackhoff tells us. “They both have pain and they both have heartache, but they complement each other very well. I think they would be good together.”

“Longmire” returns to A&E Monday night at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

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