lorena tavera Lorena Tavera: Miss El Paso 2008 charged with shoplifting $69 shirtWe love when a mugshot looks like an “America’s Next Top Model” beauty shot.

Lorena Tavera, a former Miss El Paso Teen USA (2006) and Miss El Paso USA (2008), is now all grown up and at 21 it looks like the next job she might be booking is for El Paso County Jail’s 2012 calendar.

Tavera was arrested last week and charged with shoplifting a $69 shirt from Dillards department store. Apparently, she also has two outstanding traffic warrants but bringing that up just seems like kicking her while she’s down.

When El Paso’s NewsChannel9 called Tavera for comment earlier this week she responded, “I’m going to contact my lawyer. This story can’t be run. The story is wrong first of all. It’s been misconstrued and it’s twisted, so I need to contact my lawyer … I can’t talk to you until I talk to my lawyer.”

That’s a textbook beauty pageant contestant answer if we’ve ever heard one.

Posted by:Brill Bundy