terry oquinn michael emerson lost 'Lost' again? J.J. Abrams shopping Terry O'Quinn Michael Emerson showThat pipe dream of a show that would reteam “Lost” stars Terry O’Quinn and Michael Emerson? Not such a pipe dream anymore.

Back in February, O’Quinn said he had conceived an idea for a show in which he and Emerson would play suburban family men and friends — who also happen to be hit men. Emerson later said he’d be up for working with his former co-star again — and when you have an in with J.J. Abrams, things like that can actually happen.

Abrams’ company, Bad Robot, is currently shopping an idea for a show starring the two actors to networks, Vulture reports. The concept Abrams and writers Josh Appelbaum and Andre Nemec (“Happy Town,” “Alias”) are pitching is not too far from O’Quinn’s original idea — it’s a drama with comedic elements in which the two stars would play former black-ops agents.

The working title is “Odd Jobs” — but we’ll be thinking of it as “Locke and Ben Together Again.”

Abrams and Bad Robot have been busy lately, selling pilots to CBS (“Person of Interest,” written by Jonah Nolan of “The Dark Knight”) and FOX (“Alcatraz,” written by “Lost” writer-producer Elizabeth Sarnoff). The Abrams-directed “Undercovers” premieres on NBC Wednesday (Sept. 22).

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Posted by:Rick Porter