If you’re a “Lost” fan — like, a really, really big “Lost” fan — you might want to get your checkbook out this weekend.

Hundreds of props, costumes and other artifacts from the show are going on the auction block Saturday and Sunday (Aug. 21-22) in Santa Monica, Calif., as well as online through Profiles in History. The company’s owner, Joe Maddalena, took us through some of the items up for bid (you can see some more here) last week.

You’ll be able to bid on everything from Penny’s (Sonya Walger) engagement rings to Apollo bars to some of Jacob’s (Mark Pellegrino) tapestries, but Maddalena expects the big stuff to be hot items.

“We have some of the plane wreckage — some really large pieces, like 8 by 12 feet in size [with] the Oceanic logo. I think those [will be big], I think the Dharma van, Hurley’s [Jorge Garcia] Camaro, and we have the sub,” he says. “Charlie’s [Dominic Monaghan] Driveshaft ring, Locke’s [Terry O’Quinn] knife — and then pieces of the temple. We have giant set pieces.”

So if you’re looking to buy a four-toed foot to complete your back-yard sculpture garden, you know where to go.

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Posted by:Rick Porter