lost dvd extra ben 320 'Lost' DVD extra answers at least one questionVideo from a big extra on the “Lost” Season 6 DVD has hit the web, and it’s enough of a tease to leave us wanting more.

The clip (which is below) is part of a 12-minute extra chapter called “The New Man in Charge,” and it answers at least one of the lingering questions from the six-year run of “Lost.” Is it a huge one? No. But after watching it, we have a pretty good sense of how the survivors of Oceanic 815 managed to keep receiving Dharma Initiative food drops.

Michael Emerson, whose character Ben Linus is at the center of the clip, says the 12 minutes of new material is a “treat” for fans of the show.

“The writers, I think, wanted to give our viewers a little treat, a little dessert at the end of the series,” Emerson tells AccessHollywood.com, which had the clip first. “I think that they were also conscious that there was a very intriguing window — a blank space left in the narrative in the finale and that is, ‘What was it like during all that presumably long time when Hurley [Jorge Garcia] and Ben were in charge of things?’ … I think they decided to give us just a little taste.”

“The New Man in Charge” will be part of the “Lost” Season 6 DVD set and the complete series package, both of which go on sale Aug. 24. Take a look at “The New Man in Charge”:

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Photo credit: ABC

Posted by:Rick Porter