zoie palmer anna silk kris holden reid lost girl syfy 'Lost Girl' Season 3: Anna Silk's Bo knows relationship woesIf you’ve ever thought about online dating, be careful if you come across personal profiles that include the word “succubus.” Chances are anyone fitting that description may not have your best interest at heart. Sure, they’re great for a few laughs, but rarely do they exhibit the kind of behavior that leads to long-lasting relationships.

Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, and one might be found on “Lost Girl,” which begins its third season Monday, Jan. 14, on Syfy. Bo, played by the lovely Anna Silk, is a succubus who realizes what it takes to keep a relationship fresh — namely killing any creature that might get in the way of her personal path of discovery. And in Season 3, that discovery finally has her picking a team. And by team, we mean, you know … .
Even if you don’t know, it doesn’t really matter; when we spoke to Silk recently she played coy. It seems that yes, in Season 3, Bo makes a choice between Dyson and Lauren (Kris Holden-Ried, Zoie Palmer), but she won’t say which, and she won’t say why.
“Her romantic relationships have always been challenged by the sheer nature of the fact that she is a succubus. So that already was a big problem when it comes to monogamy,” Silk tells Zap2it. “So she does make a choice but is challenged by it.”
This is what happens when you choose to date a creature who has the power to steal someone’s life force with a kiss or feed off someone’s sexual energy. The girl needs a lot of lovin’.
But as we left the series at the end of Season 2, there was a weird moment right at the end that left us wondering just what was in store for the buxom Fae.
“There was definitely that moment at the end where she looks in the mirror, and her eyes glowed a blue that we’ve never seen before,” says Silk, a New Brunswick native. “So you do have to wonder if she is going dark.”
What we do know, if the past two seasons are any indication, is that a significant portion of Bo will not go dark. It seems her breasts have their own lighting director.
anna silk lost girl season 3 gallery 325 'Lost Girl' Season 3: Anna Silk's Bo knows relationship woes“I love the lighting of our show because it has this moody, comic book quality,” says Silk. “It emphasizes a lot of things. I feel like I have my own bounce board underneath me at all times – it’s so perfectly lighted … I think my chest should have its own credits.”
That’s such a succubus thing to say. And surprising, because Silk is a far cry from Bo in real life.
“Growing up I was a serial monogamist,” she says. “I had a lot of long-term relationships. Sort of the antithesis of Bo. But for Bo, growing up, this was something that was shameful to her – it wasn’t shameful to me in my life – but she has to make the transition, turning something from a source of shame into a source of power.”
“Personally, I was always pretty comfortable with my sexuality,” she adds. “That doesn’t mean I want to make out with everyone on camera because those scenes are difficult to shoot – luckily I get to do most of them with people I really trust and really like and respect. But you really just have to go for it. And there is no pulling back. If you pull back, you’re just going to have to keep doing it. And that’s part of the character, so you have to embrace that.”
Mission accomplished.
Luckily, she has the support of her friends and family, who recognize what a good actress she is. That includes her husband, actor and writer Seth Cooperman, who’ll guest star on an upcoming episode this season … although that’s not the coolest appearance fans will appreciate in Season 3: Perhaps the most badass chick of them all, Linda Hamilton, will be starring in an episode this season.
rachel skarsten lost girl 'Lost Girl' Season 3: Anna Silk's Bo knows relationship woes“She might come to town with not the best of intentions,” says Silk. “And we have a new cast member — a new member of our team, played by Rachel Skarsten, who is really fantastic.”

Skarsten plays Tamsin, a thrill-seeking, sexy new Fae who ruffles some feathers. Apparently it’s a bumpy introduction for her and Bo.
And assuming there’s a fourth season, Silk implied she might be starring in another role in real life — that of mother.
“We are thinking of doing that,” she says. “When does this article come out? Yeah, I mean, OK … yeah, I guess you could say it’s in the works. … I might be having another role very soon.”
Posted by:Michael Korb