harold perrineau lost video 'Lost': Harold Perrineau discusses Michael's redemptionHarold Perrineau‘s return to “Lost” in Season 6 was a brief one, but he made the most of his time.

His character, Michael Dawson — or at least a manifestation thereof — appeared to Hurley (Jorge Garcia) in “Everybody Loves Hugo” to apologize for having shot Libby (Cynthia Watros) as part of his effort to leave the Island with his son Walt (Malcolm David Kelley). Perrineau says it was important for Michael to get that final note of redemption.

“I thought there were a lot of things left undone with Michael,” he tells Zap2it in the video clip below. “I mean, he’s dead, so it’s all done, but I that that was a really important thing … because he really didn’t mean to shoot her, and it was an accident. … Even I, Harold, I was really sorry. So I think that made it stronger.”

Perrineau also says that Michael’s redemptive arc started in Season 4, when he returned to the Island on the freighter as part of an attempt to rescue those who were still there. “He was really going there to try to save them,” he says. “Though they didn’t get to find out. … People were so pissed at him … but he was trying to get his son back, so what are you gonna do?”

Click on the video below for more from Perrineau.

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Posted by:Rick Porter