jorge garcia lost video 'Lost': Jorge Garcia talks about assertive Hurley, his favorite 'Dude'Jorge Garcia has played the most fundamentally decent person on “Lost” for six seasons, and we’re happy to report he’s a nice guy in real life too.

Not only has he shared with the world the way to make a cupcake sandwich, but he also indulged us when we asked him about Hurley’s favorite utterance of “Dude” on “Lost.”

“Wow — there’s so many,” he tells Zap2it in the interview clip below. “I don’t even think about the ‘dudes’ so it’s hard to know. Sometimes I go, ‘Wait, did I say “dude” in that scene?'”

Garcia also talks about Hurley’s more assertive nature in the final season, and how much fun he had playing that different shade to the character. “It gave me a little extra elbow room to make some bold choices,” he says. “I liked the moment where he pretends he’s seeing Jacob [in ‘Everybody Loves Hugo’] and he’s not really there … and not even looking Richard Alpert [Nestor Carbonell] in the face and being like, ‘I don’t need to prove anything to you.’ That was fun to shoot.”

Hit “play” below to find out Garcia’s thoughts on why he thinks Hurley’s stepping up was important for both the character and the show and his most resonant “Dude.” (And by the way, our laughing at the start of the clip is courtesy a bunch of UCLA students who were chanting “Jorge! Jorge!” from across the street just before our interview.)

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Posted by:Rick Porter