Josh Holloway didn’t have a whole lot of time to talk at Thursday’s “Lost Live: The Final Celebration” event. He was still making his way down the red carpet when the handlers were shooing everyone inside UCLA’s Royce Hall, but good guy that he is, he made time for everyone to ask him at least one question.

Having had no luck prying the ending of the series out of any of the 19 other current and former cast members in attendance — not that we’d really want to — we opted to ask Holloway what the end of filming was like for him, and how he think the series finale turned out.

“The end of shooting was tough,” he says in the clip above. “It was a sprint to the finish, it was a huge script. There was a lot of being wet. So we were tired — but having a blast too.”

And his thoughts on the finale? “It’s gonna be phenomenal.” We’ll take his word for it.

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Posted by:Rick Porter