terry oquinn lost s6 320 2 'Lost': Live chat about 'The Candidate' on May 4thOur long, “Lost” national nightmare is over, people! A new episode is just around the corner, and then another, and then another, and then we go fetal until Labor Day and try to make sense of our broken, pathetic lives. So, maybe that two-week hiatus wasn’t SUCH a bad thing, right?

As always, I’ll be hosting a non-spoiler, live chat Tuesday, May 4th starting at 8 pm EST, leading up until the start of the newest episode, entitled “The Candidate.” Hmmm…I thought there were multiple candidates still kicking around the Island, even if half of them are currently held captive by the five feet and two inches of pure terror known as…Zoe. Cough.

Let’s talk about whom the titular character might be, theorize about the endgame, and help make the wait until the next episode fly by a little faster. Hope to see you here!

Photo credit: ABC

Posted by:Ryan McGee