matthew fox3 lost 320 'Lost': Live chat about 'The Last Recruit' on April 20thLast week, I could only host the live “Lost” chat for an hour, as opposed to the usual 90 minutes. But you know what? That was the best chat yet, I think. I think an hour-long session worked on every level: more people showed up, comments flowed non-stop, and overall there was a great level of energy to the proceedings. So I’m going with another hour-long chat this week leading up to the next episode, “The Last Recruit.”

Pretty powerful title, no? Almost as if this episode marks a turning point in the season, as Smocke seeks his last piece in order to leave the Island. Ostensibly, the title refers to Jack, the last of the candidates that he has spoken to this season. I’m more than a little excited to watch these two actors engage each other again, both on and, potentially, off the Island.

(Programming note: if you didn’t see the latest in the series of Great “Lost” Debates, be sure to check out our look at all things Des!)

Also, if you join the chat, I’ll have some big news about this blog expanding into new arenas as the series approaches. So if nothing else, show up for that this Tuesday, April 20th, starting at 8 pm EST! Look forward to seeing you all there.

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