ryan dharma station 4 leaf clover.jpgHere it is: the last “Lost” podcast ever to grace this blog. End of an era, folks Though it won’t be the actual end of “Orientation: Ryan Station” as an entity. That will be continuing in some form even though this blog is going into the great beyond at the end of this week. I can’t talk too much about future endeavors right now, but sufficed to say that you should stayed tuned. The best way,
in my humble opinion? Subscribe to the podcast. It’s easy, it’s free,
it’s easier than realizing you’re actually dead inside a world created by the collective subconscious of the group of people with whom you spent the most important time in your life.

But for the time being, we went out with a bang, with two of our favorite guests/bloggers coming back one last time to give their final thoughts on the show as a whole. As per usual, The Chicago Tribune’s Maureen “Mo” Ryan came by, and we brought back Todd VanDerWerff (whose finale recap can be found here) and Noel Murray (whose finale recap can be found here) to discuss the impact of the show as whole, thought on how the final season impacts the entire series, and its lasting legacy going forth. It’s 45+ minutes of pure “Lost” goodness.



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