Whovians have been keeping an eye on the Cannes Film Festival for one very specific reason. The directorial debut of Ryan Gosling, “Lost River,” premiered and features former “Doctor Who” star Matt Smith in a lead role.
As you can tell by the trailer above, the movie, and Smith’s part in it, are a bit strange. The plot revolves around a single mother (“Mad Men’s” Christina Hendricks) and her son (“Agents of SHIELD’s” Iain De Caestecker), both of whom are on very different roads in life. The son’s takes him to an underwater world, somehow.
Critical response to the film has been less than positive, with many flat out hating it. Even the positive reviews, if you can call them that, are lukewarm at best. Quite a few are drawing a connection between “Lost River” and the works of “Twin Peaks” mastermind David Lynch. For some there could be no bigger compliment. Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like it’s meant in a good way.
Below you can sample a collection of reaction tweets from those in attendance at the movie’s screening.

Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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