jorge garcia lost 320 'Lost': The thin line between 'Loves' and 'Hates'Normally, before an episode airs, I make it a point to keep the central character of said episode a mystery. But in this case, that’s not exactly possible, is it? Talk about relief. I’m usually a bit conflicted about trying to keep the character’s name in the dark: There’s a fine line between maintaining a spoiler-free “Lost” blog and simply looking like you have no freakin’ clue about what’s coming down the pipe on the show.
In any case, “Everyone Loves Hugo” is, like “What Kate Does” before it, an intentional shout-out to a previous episode title in the show’s history. The show enjoys being playful with its titles, whether it be on the show’s title itself (“…And Found”, “…in Translation”) or in reference to each other (“The Constant”, “The Variable”). So, I thought I’d drop five things about this episode’s antecedent, “Everybody Hates Hugo,” and see how elements of that episode might find their way into this one.
1) In “Hates,” Hurley fears that winning the lottery will change everything about his life. I wonder what will happen to people in the sideways universe when Des starts showing them elements of the other side?
2) In the Island universe, Hurley played The Numbers, which we know now were the numerical equivalents of the final six candidates selected by Jacob. Is the sideways world one without candidates? And if so, what number did Hurley play in the lottery to win it? And what might THOSE numbers correspond to?
3) When Kate takes a bottle of shampoo in “Hates,” Rose wonders why Hugo freaks out so much. “That’s where it starts,” he replies. In a way, the individual deals that people make with Smocke mirror that bottle of shampoo: Individually, they are understandable wishes made by people in need. But if everyone collectively opts to undo a mistake from the past, well, what you end up undoing is the fabric of choices that produce an entire world.
4) With that in mind, Hurley’s notion to give away all the food at once, rather than ration is slowly, indicates the type of personality that would appeal to Jacob. The Man in Black believes in man’s inherent corruption and greed, but time after time, Hurley gives away possessions rather than hordes them: his lottery winnings, the food in the Dharma pantry. I wonder just how much he’s given away of his winnings in the sideways timeline?
5) Finally: It’s amazing to watch the transition of Hurley from then until now. Then: a man willing to blow up the pantry rather than assume possible blame. Now: a man who accepts his “crazy” nature as a gift and uses it in a dangerous environment. The former was a fun sidekick of a character that would lighten up an hour of the show. The latter is a vital part of the show’s endgame, and perhaps THE biggest piece of the puzzle as the show starts its final leg. Not bad, Hugo. Not bad at all.
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