The latest promo for “Louie’s” return for FX is a bit of a departure from the previous ones. For starters, we see Louis C.K.’s face this time.

The previous teasers for Season 4 all shot C.K. from behind, with the tagline “Louie’s back” leading into a snippet of the show’s theme song. The new promo is set to Doris Day’s rendition of “Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps” and features Louie jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge while holding a bouquet of flowers.

He and the flowers both survive the leap, and the 30-second spot ends with “Louie” written in the sky, with a heart for the O. The music choice and the skywriting suggest the show will feature some sort of romantic thread to this season, but given the way C.K. tells stories it’s tough to say how prominent that might be.

“Louie” returns to FX on May 5.

Posted by:Rick Porter