Fans of Louis C.K. will finally get to see the first movie he ever made. Called “Tomorrow Night,” the film debuted at the 1998 Sundance Film Festival, but it never got released.

Now, more than 15 years later, “Tomorrow Night” will finally see the light of day. C.K. told Jay Leno on “The Tonight Show” Monday (Jan. 6) that he’ll be releasing the movie soon on his website for $5.

Hopefully that makes C.K. a lot of money, because at the moment he still owes his investors money for making it. The comedian says he borrowed around $10,000 apiece from the likes of Jon Stewart, Chris Rock, Denis Leary, Spike Feresten and Brett Butler to make “Tomorrow Night,” and he never paid them back. Whoops.

The project, which was shot in black and white, includes a lot of comedians who went on to be very famous. “Tomorrow Night” stars Steve Carrell, Amy Poehler, J.B. Smoove and even Conan O’Brien for a small part as himself. C.K. later went on to direct “Pootie Tang.”

The “Tonight Show” interview with C.K. (more of which is at the end of the post) is full of gems, including C.K. saying that “you know you’re in love when you finally share your innermost secret racism with the other person.” He also opens up about his Christmas dream, which is to have one year where he doesn’t buy presents for his daughters.

“What if this one Christmas they get nothing? Not very little, but zero. Just stuff up the chimney and they get nothing,” he suggests. “I actually think that it would make them better people. I actually do think that one Christmas with nothing will make them more generous, more cautious and smarter people, so it would actually be good parenting. … But I can’t do what’s right for my kids. I have to buy them Christmas presents because I love them helplessly.”

C.K. co-stars in “American Hustle,” which is in theaters now. He also reveals he is in production on Season 4 of “Louie,” which is scheduled to return to FX in May.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz