jenny mccarthy love in the wild 'Love in the Wild's' Jenny McCarthy: 'Danger and drama is arousing'Jenny McCarthy is the new host of NBC’s summer dating series “Love in the Wild,” which she said was an absolute blast to film. She also teases a few ways Season 2 will be different from Season 1.

On the experience as a whole, which she took her son Evan along for:

“It was one of the most incredible experience of both of our lives. Evan fell in love with the island, I fell in love with the culture. I had a ball with these youngsters … we did put them through a lot. Some couples really fell in love and it really worked and I can’t wait for everyone to watch and find out who it is.”

On the most surprising aspect of filming the show:

“These kids were doing such dangerous adventures. I couldn’t believe what we were asking them to do … and I was the one who wound up on crutches. I pulled my hamstring, so for like two episodes I had to be like carried around. And I pulled my hamstring while sleeping, so I felt like the biggest wuss.”

On her different style as a host:

“Instead of just being a deliverer of rules, I wanted to add a little more to the table. I knew that I could cheer on the girls, I could make fun of the guys, I could have fun with them. I could kind of mess with them like a big sister would and it added a little bit more flavor to the series, I believe.”

McCarthy also teases that this year they added a lean-to – a literal shack with no walls that the losing couple has to stay in after every adventure. She says it made everyone try a little harder because no one wanted to come in last place.

She also sums up the season thusly, “Danger and drama is arousing, you get an adrenaline high from it.”

“Love in the Wild” premieres Thursday, June 7 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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