adrienne bailon lovestruck abc family 'Lovestruck: The Musical': Adrienne Bailon previews new ABC Family movie, gushes about working with Jane SeymourWhen “Lovestruck: The Musical” premieres this Sunday (April 21) on ABC Family, viewers can look forward to a story about love and a magic elixir, told with covers of pop songs from Lady Gaga, Madonna and Whitney Houston. Co-star Adrienne Bailon tells Zap2it that it was a blast on set.

The start revolves around Harper (played by Jane Seymour) and her quest to stop her daughter Mirabella’s (Sara Paxton) wedding. When she takes a sip of a strange bottle, the contents turn her 30 years younger (where she’s played by Chelsea Kane).

Bailon plays Noelle, Mirabella’s best friend who tries her hardest to keep the wedding on track. “What I love about Noelle is that she’s a lot like myself in the sense that I have a lot of good girlfriends and I am protective of my friends,” Bailon says. “She’s very protective of Sara Paxton’s character and she wants to make sure that she’s happy and in love, you know?”

Noelle’s not just an overprotective friends, though. “She’s a lot of fun, too,” Bailon adds. “She’s a little sexy, which I like — sexy and sassy. I think [viewers] can expect a lot of laughs from my character.”

Bailon tells us that the set was a great place to be. “First of all, the girls were so much fun to work with. I’m a huge fan of Jane Seymour, as well. So, just being able to work with someone like her and sit and talk … We had really, really good conversations. I got great advice from Jane.”

One of the film’s big musical numbers finds Bailon, Paxton and Kane singing Madonna’s “Like A Virgin” during Mirabella’s bachelorette party, the rehearsals for which Bailon said “were definitely hilarious and lots of fun.” The actual filming? Not so much.

“What people don’t know is it was actually shot in Pittsburgh and it was, like, 30 degrees when we shot that scene,” Bailon reveals, “so we were in bikinis, freezing.” She says that the lighting tricks make it look like summertime, but “literally after every cut, we definitely had robes.”

Check out Bailon and her freezing co-stars in the finished product below.

“Lovestruck: The Musical” premieres Sunday on ABC Family at 8 p.m. ET. Check out the official site for all the details.

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Posted by:Billy Nilles