low winter sun mark strong frank tca amc 'Low Winter Sun': Murder, corruption and Detroit“Low Winter Sun” is AMC’s next drama series, premiering this August on the cable network. Based on a British miniseries of the same name, the show will focus on police caught in a struggle with corruption, murder and even more crimes.

And it’s not just the criminals committing those crimes.

As presented at the TCA press tour, “Low Winter Sun” is the story of a Detroit police detective who is coerced into killing a colleague by another detective. He is later assigned to investigate that same murder, spinning the deception ever wider as time goes on.

“I’m not a bad person.” – Frank

The questioning of this statement seems to inform the rest of “Low Winter Sun.” It looks fairly captivating in the exploration — kind of another “Shield” meets “Wire.”

The show stars Mark Strong (who also starred in the British series) and Lennie James as the main detectives. 10 episodes will air in the first AMC season, premiering Sunday, Aug. 11 at 10pm.

Interesting things said by those English people:

  • “It’s a little nuts.” – Lennie James on Detroit
  • “Everything they say about Detroit is true. And nothing they say about Detroit is true. Should I say that again? I don’t know about you, but I think that’s a good quote.” – Lennie James
  • “Detroit doesn’t shy away from the truth. It knows its dark side.” – James
  • “That ain’t Detroit.” – James on what the Detroit-based crew says every time they mess something up
  • “I just couldn’t let anyone else play my part!” – Mark Strong
  • “It’s like playing in the backyard with your brother.” – James on acting opposite Strong, not for the first time
  • “Season 3: Martian plants.” – James

Posted by:Laurel Brown