low-winter-sun-mark-strong.jpgAMC gave its new series “Low Winter Sun” a very good chance to get off to a strong start Sunday (Aug. 11), putting the series premiere behind the return of “Breaking Bad” — and making fans of the latter show wait until midway through “Low Winter Sun’s” debut to see the teaser for next week.

The question, though, is will those fans — will you — come back for episode 2?

“Low Winter Sun” arrives at a time when a number of TV critics are suffering from antihero fatigue, and many of the middling reviews for the show have noted as much. The show is another in cable’s long line of dramas with dark, conflicted main characters, in this case Detroit detective Frank Agnew (Mark Strong), who in the first few minutes of the series premiere kills a fellow cop. Frank’s partner Joe Geddes (Lennie James) hatched the plot, and he seems to have gone farther down the self-justification path than Frank has.

The show’s on-location filming in Detroit adds loads of atmosphere, to be sure, but is that enough for you to keep coming back? Did you get sucked into “Low Winter Sun,” or was it one downbeat drama too many for you? Let us know what you think.

Posted by:Rick Porter