dustin hoffman luck video 'Luck': Get your first look at HBO's Dustin Hoffman David Milch Michael Mann dramaWe’re really, really curious to see how the confluence of writer David Milch, director Michael Mann and star Dustin Hoffman plays out in HBO’s upcoming series “Luck.”

Based on the first look at the show below, it could turn out quite well.

There’s not a lot of actual footage from the show in the featurette HBO has put online, but what is there feels pretty compelling. Hoffman’s playing an organized-crime figure in the show, which centers on the world of horse racing, and as Mann points out, it’s a kind of character he hasn’t played that often before. He’s surrounded by the likes of Nick Nolte, Dennis Farina, Richard Kind and Kerry Condon; Jill Hennessy is a guest star in the pilot. Mann hasn’t done TV work in a while, and this will be the first series for Milch, who’s owned several horses, since “John From Cincinnati.”

Yeah, count us interested. HBO hasn’t set a premiere date yet, but we’ll be there when it does.

Take a look at the “in production” video below. Does “Luck” strike your fancy?

Posted by:Rick Porter