lucky 7 cast abc 'Lucky 7': Matt Long and cast talk what they'd do if they won the lotteryHow much would your life change if you and your co-workers won the lottery? That’s the question at the heart of ABC’s new drama “Lucky 7,” which follows the story of seven gas station employees in Queen, New York who, after chipping into a lottery pool for years, finally hit it big and discover that winning isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

During the show’s panel at the Television Critics Association summer 2013 press tour on Sunday (Aug. 4), the cast of the series sounded off on what they’d do if they struck it rich in real life. “I hope I would have the wherewithal to square away a little bit of it, and then I’d just have a blast,” Matt Long (“Jack & Bobby”) admitted. “Of course, if you were inspired by this awesome cause that you’d want to give to, then you would be able to do that and make a difference, but why not have a great time with it?”

Lorraine Bruce (from the show’s source material, the UK’s “The Syndicate”) joked,” And I would spend all of mine on scratch-it cards. Just rub and rub and rub forever!” She did get a bit serious once the laughter in the room died down, revealing, “I think I would buy a ticket and go to a beach somewhere really quiet, get a little hut, watch coconuts wash up on the shore, and just think, ‘My God, what am I gonna do?'”

Isiah Whitlock, Jr. (“The Wire”) admitted that winning the lottery would offer him the chance to fulfill a dream that had earlier fell through. “First thing I would do is take care of my family because if they’re happy, I’m happy … I tried to buy a house in Italy a few years back — these guys have heard that story — and it didn’t go through. I would go back and I would buy that house and I think I would be happily ever after.”

For some in the cast, however, just landing the meaty role in “Lucky 7″ has been the win he needed.”I actually left LA five years ago because it was sucking my soul … I was tired, I was really tired of playing bad guys and stabbing people in the neck,” Luis Antonio Ramos (“The Ruins”) admitted in a surprisingly touching moment that brought the actor to tears. “It was wearing me out. As an actor, to have gotten these scripts … I don’t care if I ever win the lottery. That’s the lottery.”

“Lucky 7” premieres Tuesday, Sept. 24 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

Posted by:Billy Nilles