Idris Elba is promising fans that there will be more of his BBC series “Luther.” Following statements at the 66th primetime Emmy Awards saying the show will continue on in some form, Elba elaborates on his plans and dreams for the critically acclaimed detective series.

“Neil Cross and I was at the table last night at dinner going, ‘Are we doing this? We doing it? We doing it? We doing it,” Elba tells Zap2it while promoting his new movie “No Good Deed.” “It’s not inked. There’s no situation yet, but it’s on the cards. I want to see it happen. We’re going to get more ‘Luther.'”

When pressed for more information, Elba admits that the next installation of the “Luther” story won’t be a new season, or a feature film like was originally hoped for. He still does hope for a “Luther” movie, though.

“I think we just figured out a mechanism to get to the movie easier. Right now it felt a little unorganic to go from three seasons, then a movie. So what we’re designing is this middle pit section, designed to introduce the audience toward the movie,” Elba explains. “I think it would be a one-off special; a big two-hour special of ‘Luther’ which is designed to spear the audience into going, ‘OK, now we can go into big movie time.'”
Watch the above video to also see Elba congratulate “Sherlock’s” Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman on their Emmy wins, and what he thinks about his and Cumberbatch’s competing “Jungle Book” movies.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz