mad magazine ann curry  today americas dumbest number 12 mad MAD Magazine names Ann Curry its 12th 'Dumbest' for 2012

This hasn’t been a good year for Ann Curry. Shortly after getting what might have been a dream job on “Today,” the newswoman was unceremoniously dumped by NBC. Now, MAD Magazine has added amusing insult to ridiculous injury by naming Curry at position number 12 on its list of “America’s Dumbest” for 2012.

Technically, of course, it’s the situation surrounding Curry’s dismissal from “Today” that’s the actual winner of the “dumbest” award. The illustration for the Ann Curry entry has this caption:

“The NBC Brass in association with The Today Show, pitiful ratings and general dislike presents ANCHOR CANNED: The Legendary Humiliation of Ann Curry — Based on her awkwardly-empathetic interview style, uncomfortable silence provided by Matt Lauer and Al Roker.”

If you don’t know the full story surrounding NBC’s hiring and quick firing of Curry from “Today,” MAD is happy to provide its take on the situation:

“In June, Today Show co-host Meredith Vieira retired and was replaced by Ann Curry. Almost immediately, there were reports of trouble on the set and a lack of chemistry between Curry and co-host Matt Lauer. Then, faster than you can say “Roker ate the last donut again,” the ratings tanked and Today was overtaken by Good Morning America. NBC execs, always prone to panic, immediately looked for a scapegoat and found one in Curry, who was soon kicked off the show. Maybe the ratings slide was Curry’s fault, or maybe it’s just that the once proud Today Show of NBC news has devolved into a tragedy-milking, celebrity hype machine and the audience is sick of it. Whatever the case, viewers are fleeing the show faster than hairs are leaving Matt Lauer’s head. It’s like one of those bad Hollywood comedies that the Today Show is only too happy to shill for.”

With this honor, Ann Curry joins an infamous group of people and entities favored with the dishonor of the “America’s Dumbest” list. These include Kristen Stewart, Apple maps, Mitt Romney, Facebook, Lance Armstrong, Barack Obama, the tanning mom and more.

mad magazine americas dumbest 2012 cover mad MAD Magazine names Ann Curry its 12th 'Dumbest' for 2012At least Curry is in famous company!

The “America’s Dumbest” issue of MAD Magazine will be released on Tuesday, Dec. 18. Click here for more information about the magazine.

Posted by:Laurel Brown