Is there a better target for the parody masters at MAD Magazine than “Shark Tank”? Check out Zap2it‘s exclusive preview of MAD’s “Snark Tank” parody for the answer.

Like so much featured in MAD, the parody isn’t exactly complimentary to the Sharks, but it is fairly accurate — especially in highlighting how us normal people aren’t exactly going to make millions very easily. Even brilliant geniuses like Steve Jobs, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker might have trouble hitting it big when “Snark Tank” comes to town.

Check out the full image — plus the summer-issue cover — below.

MAD-magazine-snark-tank-full-right.jpgMAD-magazine-snark-tank-full-left.jpgThe “Shark Tank” parody appears in the summer 2014 issue, hiting newsstands on Tuesday (Aug. 12). The text comes from Dick Debartolo with coloring by Tom Richmond.


Posted by:Laurel Brown