Napoleon met his end at Waterloo in 1815. On Sunday (May 25,) we meet the end of “Mad Men” for 2014 with episode 7 of Season 7, entitled, perhaps fittingly, “Waterloo.”
What will that mean for Don and the rest of the characters as they approach the Burger Chef pitch? There’s very little to go on to venture a guess. But in this Zap2it exclusive photo of Pete Campbell, he’s not looking very happy (but then, when does Pete ever look happy?) On episode 6, Bonnie went back to L.A. on her own. Could this be the fallout moment? Is that almost a tear we see?
mad men season 7 vincent kartheiser amc 'Mad Men' 2014 finale: 'Waterloo' first look photo
We’ll just have to tune in Sunday night, 10pm ET/PT on AMC, to find out.

Posted by:Kiley Thompson