next-on-mad-men-705-the-runaways.jpg“Mad Men” creator Matthew Weiner is famously spoiler-averse, so much so that the show’s “next on” scenes have become all but inscrutable — a string of quick-cut non-sequiturs that say next to nothing about the next week’s episode, except that often someone is telling someone else to shut the door or sit down.

The seemingly random bits of dialogue strung together brings to mind the refrigerator-magnet poetry that half your friends had in the ’90s. With that in mind, Zap2it will offer up a poetic interpretation of each week’s coming attractions. (Previous selections are here and here.)

This week’s selection is “The Runaways,” after the title of next week’s (May 11) episode.

The Runaways

Smiles on an elevator, then
he follows her into the office;
Stan: happy, high or both?
Type-a, type-a, type-a, type.

Do you know anything about this?
Betty cleans the silver
and smokes.
I’m sure he’d prefer
you hadn’t seen this. (But what?)

Don condescends,
a man kisses his wife.
Look at where he is,
look at where you are.

He hears nothing but sees something,
then he ducks;
Let’s look at the Rolodex

Here’s the “Next on” video for “The Runaways”:

Posted by:Rick Porter