mad men season 7 episode 5 jon hamm amc 'Mad Men' and Jon Hamm head north for final season filming“Mad Men” fans are in the midst of a long wait for the show’s conclusion, but the cast and crew haven’t taken a break from filming the show’s episodes. They have, however, temporarily moved north.

According to the Monterey County Weekly, the AMC series spent the week filming in Big Sur, Calif., a picturesque coastal town about 350 miles north of the show’s L.A. home base. Jon Hamm and creator Matthew Weiner were spotted around town as well.

What the show was doing there, of course, remains a mystery. About all anyone on the outside knows about the final seven episodes is that they’ll (probably) take place sometime after July 20, 1969, the date of the moon landing that dominated “Waterloo,” the show’s last episode of 2014.

And also, that it will be another 10 months or so before AMC airs the final episodes of “Mad Men” and we see any of that Big Sur footage.

Posted by:Rick Porter