If you’ve been watching “Mad Men this season, you may have noticed a distinct difference in Don Draper’s activities. We’re not talking about his drinking — that’s still going strong. No, Don Draper has had several opportunities to have his way with random women, and he’s, surprisingly, not taken advantage of any of them. That’s right: Don has turned women down all season so far.
One of them, Tricia the stewardess, welcomed Don back aboard for his quick and fruitless trip to rescue Megan (the wife she admits to “hating”) in episode 3, “Field Trip.” Don has a history with stewardesses, and yet, even after being flirted with by a cute blonde one, he didn’t pursue her.
Zap2it spoke with Kirstin Ford, who played Tricia. A native of Oklahoma, she moved to L.A. with a goal in mind: Get on “Mad Men.” In the last season of the show, and after a previous audition for a role in the secretarial pool, she was selected last fall for this brief part, adding another woman to the growing sorority of “Women Don Could Have Bagged.”
“It was amazing,” says Ford of her first major TV role. “From the auditioning to the costuming to interacting with the cast, the whole process was awesome.” As a fan of the show since the beginning, she still considers herself an audience member. She’s happily still watching the season unfold as well.

One of the best parts of Ford’s experience with the was the retro costuming and makeup. “I was sent back and forth between them, getting the look just right,” says Ford. She recounts the layers of 1960s clothes she was wearing, including, ugh, pantyhose, and how everything, even her shoes (which aren’t in the scene) was carefully chosen.

And the polyester stewardess uniform? It wasn’t terribly comfortable. Ford laughs that while she’s trying to be confidently cool in the face of Jon Hamm, “there’s sweat dripping down my back.” 

Will we see Tricia the Megan-Hating Stewardess again? Of course, Ford had to sign her life away on “Mad Men’s” famous non-disclosures, so she couldn’t say. But with all of the back-and-forth between New York and L.A., you never know, and now that Megan may just be history, perhaps Tricia’s flirty quips will end up working. Be sure and remember Kirstin when she does get back onscreen.
“Mad Men” airs at 10 p.m. ET/PT Sundays on AMC. 
Posted by:Kiley Thompson