mad-men-S5-pics.jpgIn the off season, Betty has apparently borrowed Peggy’s fat suit… I mean, “gained a lot of weight,” and while she’s chomping Bugles and wearing housedresses, Henry’s mother stops by and counsels Betty to take speed to get her girth under control. However, the doctor tells her he needs to examine her before he can prescribe anything, and in doing so, he finds a node on her thyroid. In a panic, she calls Don, who successfully reassures her. While seeing a specialist, Betty runs into an acquaintance with terminal cancer, and Betty expresses her fear that she’s going to go the same route, a fear that’s enhanced by a passing seer and a dream she has later. The tumor ends up being benign, but the experience clearly affects her. Where it’s going to send her character, we can only imagine, but it doesn’t stop her from eating Sally’s sundae as well as her own.

That stupid Heinz client has an idea about a Rolling Stones jingle, so Harry and Don head out to see the Stones’s manager; while waiting, they get stoned with some jailbait. When one of them gets Harry inside, Don puts forth a protective rather than a sexual vibe, and then and Harry ****s it all up, as you might expect, and Don hates him just as much as he ever did.

Possibly to protect his own liver, Pete tosses Mohawk to Roger, who figures that Mohawk is going to need a dedicated copywriter, and puts Peggy on the task of hiring someone. The dude who comes in is Jew York Schticky in the extreme, and Peggy thinks he’s crazy and Don will hate him, but Roger wants Peggy to hire him anyway for some babbly bull**** reason. However, he keeps his act under control and charms Don, to Peggy’s annoyance, but it looks like the two of them are going to get along. In other news, Pete grandstands in front of the whole agency about how he brought Mohawk in, leaving Roger bitter and ready to quit, but Don distracts him with some #realtalk about Betty’s possible cancer, so at least those two still have each other.

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