mad men s4 christina hendricks 320 'Mad Men' recap: Say Goodbye To Accounts...On “Mad Men”: Lee Garner Jr. fires SCDP, which may eventually pave the way for the return of Sal, but for right now reduces Roger to begging for thirty days to get the firm’s affairs in order. Meanwhile, Joan tells Roger she’s quite late, and if there’s a problem, it’s most certainly his. They go to a doctor who, after chewing Roger out, sends them to someone who can perform an abortion, but after an encounter with a mother in the waiting room who thinks Joan’s also there for her daughter, Joan looks conflicted, and even though in the end she tells Roger the deed has been done a tiny bit of us wonders if that’s really true.

Pryce’s father shows up with the news that if he wants to see his son, he’s going to have to go back to London, and while Pryce doesn’t want to hear that, he does drag Don out with him and his father to what looks like the Playboy club, a place Pryce has obviously visited before, since we learn that he’s in love with an African-American Playmate that he addresses as his “chocolate bunny,” who is apparently the reason he’s staying in the States. When Pryce tries to get his father to come out for dinner with the two of them, though, he declines on racial grounds, and then he rather brutally and with the aid of physical violence tells Pryce to pick a side of the pond and stick to it. At the ensuing partners’ meeting, Pryce announces that he’s returning to London for a month or so to straighten things out there, and given how little he’s been on the show lately that amount of time will surely fly by without notice.

North American Aviation comes in and tells SCDP that they’ve upped their ad budget, which seems like good news, but a side effect is that they send people to the Francis home as part of a background check on Don. Despite the awkwardness of the questions and the opportunity to make Don’s life difficult, Betty vouches for Don’s allegiance to the country, but when she calls him to tell him what happened, he’s completely flustered and admits that he didn’t know anything about it. The idea that his life is being checked into send him into booze, and then he checks in with Pete, who realizes the problem, which is that Don might be arrested for desertion as Dick Whitman. Confronted with the prospect of Don enduring incarceration or leaving town to avoid same, Pete offers to use a friend’s connection to look into it; meanwhile, Betty tells Henry about the FBI visit, but not why they might have been interested in Don, and Don sets up a trust for his kids in case something should go wrong. Faye comes in to see Don in the midst of his crisis, and after she takes him home, he has a stranger-precipitated panic attack, but even though he tries to get her to go, she won’t leave him, and after he gets through the worst of it, she gets him to admit his Korean deception and the fact that the background check may mean that his life is over. As shocked as she is, though, she stands by him, and she’s not the only one, as in the end, Pete not only lets NAA go but takes the blame for the loss in the process, which only makes me wonder how Don will end up repaying him.

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