mad men jon hamm man with plan amc 'Mad Men' Season 6 episode 7: End of an affair and a new beginning for SCDP in 'Man with a Plan'Last week’s “Mad Men” introduced the merger between SCDP and CGC, but “Man with a Plan” is the episode that got down to the dirty business of combining the two firms. People were fired (sorry Burt Peterson!), egos were bruised (Harry’s downgraded office, Pete’s general insecurity) and Don got Ted stinking drunk in the middle of a work day.

Is this the beginning of a beautiful partnership or a disaster waiting to happen?

The episode’s other big shift came in Don’s affair with Sylvia. She split from her husband and willingly shacked up in a hotel to become Don’s sex slave (“Fifty Shades of Draper”?), before deciding that she needed to break it off for good.

Meanwhile, Pete dealt with his mother’s dementia and Joan faced a health crisis with an unexpected assist from Bob Benson (then later saved him from being fired in a partners’ meeting).

All the personal and professional turmoil ultimately collided with another violent moment in history: the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy on June 6, 1968. “Mad Men” Season 6 has now covered nearly half a year in a little over half a season with just six episodes left to go.

We’ll return to the regular happiness index next week (broadcast TV upfronts stand in the way of a full recap this week — but Roger would return to the top, while Pete remains firmly on the bottom).

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