mad men season 6 poster teaser amc 'Mad Men' Season 6 poster: Don Draper's two faced teaseWe’re literally counting the days until Season 6 of “Mad Men” premieres April 7 on AMC, and the show’s gorgeous new teaser poster only heightens the anticipation.

The image of two Don Drapers, headed in different directions, is in keeping with what star Jon Hamm has hinted at in promos for the new season: “There are definitely two sides to life. The part of life that is public and the part that is private,” Hamm says. “We’re trying to sort of pull back the curtain.”

Of course, “Mad Men” fans know Don’s two faces go beyond simple distinctions of personal and professional, all the way back to his roots as Dick Whitman. And last year’s finale suggested Don — who spent the season in newlywed bliss with Megan — may be headed back to his adulterous ways.

So exactly whose hand is he holding below? And what’s with all the ominous elements in the background: the police, the plane and taxi promising escape, the “One Way” and “Stop” street signs? Is Don on a collision course with danger?

Check out the full poster below. And for more insight into its creation, The New York Times has a great article on veteran illustrator Brian Sanders.

mad men season 6 key art amc 'Mad Men' Season 6 poster: Don Draper's two faced tease
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