The return of “Mad Men” to AMC is less than two months away, and to help fans ease back into the series, AMC has released a catch-up video it’s calling “Mad Men in Less Than 2 Minutes.”

The subject, naturally, is Don Draper (Jon Hamm), and the video tracks his professional and personal successes and failures — mostly failures on the “personal” side of the ledger — over the first six seasons, concluding with the collapse of both parts of his life at the end of Season 6. As with most things “Mad Men,” it’s well-done and stylish to the core.

One quibble, though: Arguably Don’s most famous line, “That’s what the money is for!,” is nowhere to be found here. Maybe if AMC follows up with a Peggy supercut?

“Mad Men” returns to AMC on Sunday, April 13.

Posted by:Rick Porter