elisabeth moss mad men s7 'Mad Men' Season 7: Peggy's come a long way. How much farther can she go?“Mad Men” creator Matthew Weiner is on record saying Don Draper has changed more than any other character over the show’s run, but Peggy Olson has to be a pretty close second.

The timid secretary who first walked into Sterling Cooper in the show’s debut episode has grown into a confident creative force at the agency. Peggy’s (Elisabeth Moss) personal life, on the other hand, has remained turbulent: Last season featured the end of her relationship with her journalist boyfriend Abe and an aborted affair with Ted Chaough (Kevin Rahm), who fled to the opposite side of the country rather than continue to put his marriage in jeopardy with her.

That tension between the personal and the professional will remain front and center in Season 7, Weiner says: “Peggy’s story [is] a constant mix between what is good for Peggy as a person and what is good for Peggy’s career, and they have not gone together at all. I think she only knows how to pay attention to her job, and that may become a story for the season.”

Still, Weiner praises “what a powerful person she’s become in terms of knowing her gifts and making decisions. I think she would probably still say that she’s not a political person, but everything she does is pioneering.”

When Ted told Peggy in the Season 6 finale that he was leaving for California so as not to ruin (potentially) his, hers and his family’s lives, he says, “Someday you’ll be glad I made this decision.”  

Peggy practically spits back at him, “Well, aren’t you lucky — to have decisions.” Peggy may not have had much control over her situation last season, but that may change in the coming episodes.

“The story for us was … she didn’t have any decisions to make,” Weiner says. “Hopefully she’s reaching a point in her life where she’s going to start to actually have some choices.”

Season 7 of “Mad Men” premieres at 10 p.m. ET/PT Sunday (April 13) on AMC.

Posted by:Rick Porter